A New Sense of Style With Betty

I was looking to revamp my image  since I was finally out on my own and I not longer had to identify myself with college or my parents. I wanted something that marked me as an independent person. One who could meet life head on and take on any challenge that I came across. And then it hit me – when I was ordering some new checks for my bank account. I waned to be more like my favorite cartoon character of all time – Betty Boop! Now I know that this may sound a bit strange since Betty Boop became popular long before I was born and it’s an image normally associated with women in the 1930s.

But that’s really the whole point. Betty Boop is associated with the new freedom that women were enjoying at that particular point in history. You have to understand that women had just been given the right to vote less than 20 years before Betty Boop became popular and for the first time in history, women were being looked at as independent and self-reliant individuals. This was the way that I was seeing myself and the way that I wanted others to see me, as well. So, slowly but surely, I became a Betty Boop type of person!