Adorable Betty Boop Images

No matter where you may find yourself in the world, you can see the adorable Betty Boop image onĀ  any number of everyday or collectible items. I found this to be quite astonishing when I made a recent trip to several countries in Europe. I was used to seeing the cute face of Betty when I was traveling in the U.S., but it was pretty much the same wherever I went in Europe! Whether I was in Germany, France or Spain, there was Betty – on coffee cups and t-shirts. There were also a number of shops that sold rare Betty Boop items, as well.

But i guess that i shouldn’t be so surprised at this rather unique phenomenon. After all, I grew up loving the old Betty Boop cartoons that they show on TV. Obviously, those cartoon have been translated and shown all over the world. But even in their original English form, I’m sure they were enjoyed throughout the world, since English is spoken in many foreign places. It really made me feel at home, when I was in Europe to see Betty’s face looking back at me in so many different shops and in so many far off countries!