Betty Boop Collectibles Can Be Valuable!

A friend of mine started collecting old animated character items that he finds in different shows and even in various yard sales. But what really surprised him was the high value assigned to one particular cartoon character. Believe it or not,that character is Betty Boop! At first, I couldn’t believe that, since I’m more of a Popeye fan, myself. There are even animated Superman collectibles that sure are worth a lot, as well. Well actually, this is true – but Betty Boop comes in pretty close. I think some of it has to do with the fact that Betty has been around a long time.

When Max Fleischer created Betty Boop, he was going for a dog-like female character who was just going to make people laugh. However, the times were getting a bit serious and people were experiencing the Great Depression. This made the cartoons that gave us a character who could withstand negative situations a lot more popular. This is the nature of Betty Boop. She keeps a positive attitude in the face of adversity. This is something that both women and men can appreciate. It’s something like this that can create a large fan base. This makes the demand for collectibles skyrocket!