Betty Boop is a Part of My Life!

Betty Boop is definitely a part of my life from my custom personal checks to my wardrobe. Whenever I hand out a check to someone, I’m sure to make them smile with a cute picture of Betty Boop right on the check. But if that isn’t enough, I can always be seen at the store in town that sells Betty Boop attire and accessories. You may wonder why this is so, so I’ll tell you. I’ve been in love with Betty Boop for pretty much all of my life! Some of my earliest memories involve watching Betty Boop cartoons with my mom and dad.

Now that was a long time ago and it’s hard to find some of those old Boop cartoons these days, but I can tel you one thing – to me, it’s just like yesterday! So I guess I hold on to those days of my youth by keeping Betty Boop with me everywhere I go. Even at home, though, I have a Betty Boop motif. Even my cups and plates have Betty Boop images on them and I have some valuable Betty Boop collectibles displayed, as well. When I get ready for bed, I snuggle up with my Betty Boop sheets and pillow case and fall soundly to sleep!