Betty Boop is Here to Stay!

The history of Betty Boop is a very long and interesting one! The original Betty Boop was modeled after Clara Bow (the “it” girl) according to some. Bt it’s fascinating to note that the original Betty Boop was actually presented as a dog – complete with floppy ears and a boyfriend who was also a dog! However, this soon changed and Betty Boop became the popular human female character that we have all come to knwo and love. Strangely enough, the canine boyfriend was kept and turned into her pet. How’s that for unusual? But there was more to Betty than most people imagined.

As time went on, this famous cartoon character became a very popular symbol for female independence. As a matter of fact, Betty was so outspoken, that they had to tone her down a bit since she was being presented as too “sexual” which was a taboo in the early days of animation. The creators of Betty wanted her to be more family friendly, so they made he less risque and more cartoon-like. This seemed to please everyone,but you still have a fan base that is loyal to the original presentations of Betty Boop and way she was before she “cleaned up her act”.