Betty Boop is Number One!

When I decided to take a poll of my closest friends regarding their preferences for animated characters, I figured that I would get some standard cartoon characters such as Popeye or some other well-known male character. I was completely surprised when I found out that the overwhelming favorite was Betty Boop! So I had to find out more and figure out how this can be. After all, Betty Boop has no super powers (even Popeye has super strength when he eats his spinach). Not only that, but Betty has been around too long to be interesting – or so I thought.

One would never think that a cartoon modeled after the famous Helen Kane would capture the hearts of so many modern day cartoon fans. But after looking at a few of the cartoons, I began to get a sense of what they were all talking about. Betty Boop was one of the coolest folks of her time period! There were a lot of cartoons when Betty was first created, but none had the style not the flair that Betty had. She is a unique figure who has the tremendous self confidence to tackle any situation no matter what the odds. She always keeps her positive attitude.