Betty Boop is Quite Fashionable These Days

These days, cartoon characters are considered quite fashionable and you can see this reflected in clothing styles around the world. However, for my money, the top cartoon character in the world of fashion has to be Betty Boop. I see Betty Boop just about everywhere that I go – from tshirts to jeans to handbags. I have even seen Betty Boop depicted on personal checks! to me, this is the highest form of flattery. So I decided to go along with this fashion trend and have Betty Boop showing on some of my clothing items, as well. But, of course, I wanted high quality things.

Fortunately, I was in luck since a quick search on the Internet indicated that there was a Betty Boop fashion boutique right in the town where I live. It didn’t take me long to make my way out there in order to see what they had to¬† offer.I was absolutely amazed at the size of that store! They had everything from Betty Boop coffee mugs to designer Betty Boop jeans that even I couldn’t afford – yet. But I think that will soon change once I save up some more money and make another trip to that store!