From the Past Till Now – Betty Boop!

Going all the way back to the 30s, you can see how cartoon characters were influenced by the times that they appeared in. When Max Fleischer created Betty Boop, he wanted to have a character that mimicked the strong image of women in the form of the liberated “flapper”. This type of woman figure represented a new freedom for women and no other symbol epitomized it better than Betty Boop. Whether she was showing off her talents in the form of song and dance or in the form of a cute figure that she also liked to show off (once in a lei and grass skirt), Betty was a role model to be reckoned with.

This is the kind of freedom that many folks crave today – especially when it comes to less than exciting tasks – such as writing checks for bills. But personal check writing can be a lot more enjoyable than it has been in the past, if you can write those check along with your old friend, Betty Boop. How? Quite simple. Just order your personal checks with the image of Betty Boop on them and see how this changes everything! Instead of a boring, unimaginative task, Betty Book can put a smile on your face at check writing time!