Fun With My Betty Boop Checks!

Believe me, I’m not one who like to pay bills – at all. However, I have since decided that I really enjoy using my Betty Boop checks when it comes to writing out my utility bills and other expenses! Sitting down at bill time with my favorite cartoon character is something that actually takes my mind off all the worries of the day. I guess the reason for thisĀ  is that certain memories bring me right back to my childhood.That was a time when life was much more simple and I had yet to face the concerns of my financial situation.It was all just a matter of play time.

But now, I can actually transport my thoughts back to those more simple times by looking at the cute face of one of my favorite childhood “friends”. By that, I mean Betty Boop – of course! No matter what type of a jam Betty found herself in, she was always able to get away with the sort of style that I have come to really appreciate over the years. This is the way that I want to live my life – with the type of “Betty Boop style” that everyone who has ever seen her can truly identify with.