History of Betty Boop

Chances are you’ve seen her before. You may even know her name. But who was Betty Boop, really?

Before the character that we know her to be today, namely the coy flapper girl with the short black hair and generally wearing a bright red dress, Betty was actually a cartoon French poodle. It was only a couple of years later, though, that she became the human character we all know now, cementing herself as the first and arguably the most famous animated sex symbol of all time and promptly dubbed the Queen of the Animated Screen.

Gaining popularity during the Depression era, Betty Boop reminded a down-on-their-luck world of a simpler time. A time that was more carefree and fun. In other words, Betty was exactly what the people wanted and needed. She was a woman who understood and embraced her sexuality, while never ceasing to maintain a level of innocence. She had her loyalties to her good friends, her boyfriend and her pets to keep her grounded.

Throughout time, Betty Boop has donned many titles. Most known, certainly, as the girlish flapper, Betty has also been a career woman, a mother, and yes, even a tightrope walker! The one thing that has been consistent, however, is that Betty is more known for her heart than anything else. Yes, including even her cleavage. Betty has always done what she knew to be right, but she’s made sure to do it in her own way.

So, who was Betty Boop? At the end of the day, that’s simply the wrong question. Who *is* Betty Boop is more appropriate. Betty Boop is you and she’s me. She’s every woman, you see. One who has maintained her appeal and popularity for over eighty years. She’s a woman who knows what she wants, and makes absolute sure that she’s going to get it, without ever once sacrificing her integrity, or compromising her moral center. She’s a woman who certainly doesn’t need a man to succeed, but like the French poodle she began as, she will be fiercely loyal to whomever she decides to bring into her life. As Betty herself might say, “Who am I? Oh, I’m just a girl. Boop-Oop-A-Doop!”