I love on-line banking but still use checks

My bank offers online banking so I signed up for it. I do love online banking but still use checks. I signed up for it in the first place because I got an interest bearing checking account. To receive interest each month, I have to pay one bill online. I also have to do a few other things with my account such as have one direct deposit per month. I already did all of the other things, so I thought I would try the online bill pay and see how it went for me.

The first time I paid a bill online I ended up with a late fee charge on that bill. I called to find out the reason for this charge. I then realized that once I tell my bank to pay for the bill it takes a bit for it to be sent out and get to the recipient. This is what caused my bill to be late. There is no way of knowing exactly how long it is going to take for your check to get there either. This can cause bills to be late and even you to get important things turned off. It is not worth it to me. I have not used online bill pay since then.

Another reason that I use checks is that it is just convenient. I can sit down at my desk with all of my bills and the checkbook. I then write out each check and put it in my checkbook. I can get all of my bills done at once and in one spot. It is easy and convenient to me doing it the old fashion way. You can also find some cute checks to purchase. I love sitting there and picking out which ones I want to use for the next few months when paying my bills.

It is up to you which way you prefer to use to pay your bills. I will still use checks and keep doing so for a long time. This way just works better for me. It might work best for you too!