I Receive Compliments on My Checks

I know this sounds crazy but I just have to share my story. I have been looking everywhere for checks that I really love. Finally I found some, Betty Boop checks. They are adorable. I recently ordered these cute Betty Boop checks and I absolutely love them. I have a small Betty Boop collection and I am a huge fan. I don’t normally buy things online but when I saw them I just had to have them. They were easy to order even for a buying online novice like myself.

I got the checks in the mail quickly after placing my order and have already used them. As a matter of fact I want to use them everywhere. I have even received compliments on them. A lady at the grocery store told me they were darling and asked where I got them. I send my friend Beth a check for her birthday she called me of course to say thank you but spent the rest of the conversation talking about how much she loved my new checks. My daughter Michelle saw me use them and said “Mom those are the cutest ever!” and wants to order them now for herself.

I smile every time I use my checks. Betty is a legend. A female flapper with a heart of gold. It shows people that no matter how old or young you are that you have a fondness for the classics. These checks represent me perfectly. I could not be happier about them. It brightens my day using these checks and I hope it does the same for people that seem them.

You wouldn’t think someone could be so passionate about checks. However, if you searched as long as I did for the perfect check that just screamed ME! You would completely understand. I didn’t want some boring check, I wanted something entertaining and that is exactly what I got. Plus, these checks are high quality and at an affordable cost. Ordering couldn’t have been easier. The entire experience has been wonderful and I can’t help but tell every one. I’m going to go use them now. Maybe someday I will move to all online banking, but for right now I still use checks.