Betty Boop Represents Independence!

When you take the time to carefully look at the cartoon character Betty Boop, you’ll notice something very interesting. Besides that obvious attempt at humor, you’ll also see a type of female independence that had begun to get popular ever since women had been given the right to vote not too long before Betty Boop was created. At that time, women had been demonstrating a new type of individuality through behavior and characterizations associated with “flappers” beginning int he 1920s.  Women started dressing more outrageously and living a more exaggerated lifestyle as opposed to just being in the background. This was the era that gave birth to the Betty Boop character.

Fortunately, the  humor of the Betty Boop cartoons were able to mask this new idea through humor – so she was accepted. But even so, there were still problems with censorship and the creators  of Betty Boop had to work around that. But when you consider the era, it was amazing at what Betty Boop was allowed to get away with before she was toned down to adhere to more family standards. A great example is a hula dance she did wearing nothing but a grass skirt and a flowered lei around her neck which showed the sides of her unclothed breasts!


All the Way With Betty Boop!

When it comes to the type of cartoon character that can actually function as a role model for younger people, my first thought turn to Betty Boop! Now, I understand that Betty was originally modeled after Helen Kane and that may not be the perfect person for everyone to take after, but hear me out! The way that Betty was portrayed in the cartoons was as a person who was clever as well as independent. She was a person who could take on the world and always come out on top. She even portrayed a level of sensuality that was uncommon for cartoon females to show back then (look at poor Olive Oyl!)

When you look at all the qualities of the Betty Boop character, you will see a powerful person that should be emulated by those who  want to get ahead in life! And that person is certainly the way I want to be seen as. So I try to show this in everything that I do. From writing personal checks with Betty Boop images to my wardrobe attire that also features images of Betty Boop. Some folks may consider this a bit odd, but when you understand the Betty Boop character, you’ll have a better picture of what I’m trying to say!




A New Sense of Style With Betty

I was looking to revamp my image  since I was finally out on my own and I not longer had to identify myself with college or my parents. I wanted something that marked me as an independent person. One who could meet life head on and take on any challenge that I came across. And then it hit me – when I was ordering some new checks for my bank account. I waned to be more like my favorite cartoon character of all time – Betty Boop! Now I know that this may sound a bit strange since Betty Boop became popular long before I was born and it’s an image normally associated with women in the 1930s.

But that’s really the whole point. Betty Boop is associated with the new freedom that women were enjoying at that particular point in history. You have to understand that women had just been given the right to vote less than 20 years before Betty Boop became popular and for the first time in history, women were being looked at as independent and self-reliant individuals. This was the way that I was seeing myself and the way that I wanted others to see me, as well. So, slowly but surely, I became a Betty Boop type of person!