Personalized Sidetear checks

I have had several personalized checks over my adult life. My checks have always reflected my current hobbies, interests or life stages. My first checking account coincided with my first job, which was during my senior year of high school. At this time I collected penguins, yes-penguins! I found what my 18 year old mind thought were the “perfect” checks-penguins gliding down a glacier. Fun yes, but I was annoyed and sick of them in a short time. I was economically conscious and did use the whole box before ordering new ones. By this time I was a “mature” college student, and felt I needed checks to reflect the seriousness of my status as student. I found checks with quotes written by famous authors. These were practical and down to earth, but really did not stand out, and the quotes were written very small on the bottom of the checks. Almost, unnoticable-not the effect I was going for at all!
My next set of checks were ordered when I was in a serious relationship with my my boyfriend who is now my husband. I found checks titled “childhood sweethearts.” I was a girl in my 20s that wanted a ring and romance-so these were perfect! That is until we got married and my husband’s name had to go on the checks as well. His choice for new checks was dogs playing poker or his favorite football team-my choice was puppies or kitties. needless to say, neither one of us was willing to compromise so we had to do with the plain old boring checks our bank provided for free.
A year into our marriage we came across checks that donated a profit of money to the Sierra Club, and even better, they were made on recycled paper. We pride ourselves in being environmentally responsible and we love that we are giving money to a good cause. Even though I still dream of kitties playing with balls of yarns, and my husband is dreaming of poker playing dogs, we sign our names on nice beige checks, with a waterprint of planet earth…much less busy then kitties or gambling dogs. And when I receive my new box of checks in the mail, I also get a nice Sierra Club bumper sticker-what a bonus.