The Old and the New – Timeless Betty Boop

As time goes on, most things go out of style. This is especially true of cartoons and cartoon characters. If you take a look a recent comic books, you will see a dark undercurrent that permeates the characters. people want to see the old icons, like Superman and Batman lose the fight and betray their inner weaknesses. So it’s refreshing to see something that people still enjoy that has somehow kept it’s mostly innocent nature. Even if that nature didn’t seem so “innocent” a half a century ago. Of course, I’m referring to Betty Boop and the old Betty Boop cartoons brought to us courtesy of Max Fleischer.

Betty Boop remains an icon to this day for a couple of good reasons. First of all,she’s cute and sexy without being tawdry. Her sexuality is an expression of who she is and how comfortable she is to be herself. Of course, they had to tone that down a bit for public consumption many years ago – but that was just a sign of those times. These days, we can smile at how Betty Boop used her looks and her outrageous character to get her through just about any adverse situation. Because of this, Betty Boop has served as an inspiration to so many.