Watching Old Betty Boop Cartoons With My Kids

I get a great feeling when I’m sitting in front of the TV with my young children and we’re watching classic Betty Boop videos or TV cartoon shows! As for me, I know the entire history of Betty Boop and her antics. I even have a video collection of Betty Boop cartoons from the 1930s which includes her first appearance in the cartoon “Dizzy Dishes”. most folks aren’t even aware that Betty was originally portrayed as a dog with floppy ears that were later replaced with her big hoop earrings! She was supposed to be the girlfriend of Bimbo the dog. But Bimbo became her pet, instead.

Even though the videos of Betty Boop that I have were originally written for adults, my kid just love them. We sit for hours at a time and laugh at the way Betty seems to get out of trouble each and every time. And all though this, she never loses her style. I think my kids wil always remember the good times that we’ve had while watching Betty Boop. It’s something that they can look back with fondness over and laugh at the fact that their dad was so in love with that little cartoon character.