These Checks Make Me Smile Every Time I Open My Checkbook…

Can I just say how much I love my new checks? I know, I know, no one likes paying bills but each time I pull out my new girly Betty Boop checks, it makes me so happy. I almost don’t mind paying the phone or the electric bill. I love that I get to express myself and be cute in just about everything I do, including paying my bills.

You can get just about everything printed on your checks nowadays, but I loved the Betty Boop. When my bank offered me a choice of cute checks or boring old plain bank checks, the choice was clear. And they’re personalized! It’s just so incredibly cute and girly. I mean, if we girls can get just about everything else in our favorite color, favorite brand, etc why should we stop there, right? And does it get more cute and girly than Betty Boop?

She was always my favorite cartoon character, with her sexy little dress and baby voice. If you haven’t ever seen her, you should! She was the sex symbol for the 1920s and in a ton of cute cartoons. She’s the perfect character for cute, girly girls like myself (and maybe you, my readers!) to make an impression on anyone we have to pay for all those little things in life.

You know we work so hard to make a good impression on people, why would we want to pull out an ugly, green check book at the grocery store or post office? And there’s all these cute, vintage styes and colors to choose from, so you don’t have the exact same thing as anyone else! When people see my cute style they know I’m a fun loving girl and my checks just continue that impression, right?

I just love her little red dress and little flapper hairdo, even her little cute doggie. I want to tell the whole world how cool, fun and stylish these checks are! Go get some of these awesome checks (ooh, you can get a matching cover, too) and cheer yourself (and everyone else!) up each time you write out a check.